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Local SEO Company Making A Name In Oregon

Oregon Web Solutions has come out of the woodwork with guns blazing. Starting only back in late 2014, they have taken over search engine optimization in all of Oregon. That is a short amount of time considering there have been SEO companies in the area for more than 15 years. Clearly they know what they are doing when they can make that kind of dent in such a short amount of time.

With that said, it leads me to wonder what these other companies are or are not doing that OWS is. Who am I to know as there are so many moving parts when it comes to this field.

Some people might be asking “what is SEO?” That is a great question. As I know it, SEO stand for “search engine optimization”. It used to just mean that someone would come into your website and optimize the layout and content so that you will be seen properly in Google and rank as well. Now it is still that, but much more. Companies are goin out and creating link building as well that helps power up everything and creates more relevance in Googles eyes. This in turn put you higher in a search someone may do for you.

How is this valuable?

Let me just give you a quick example. If you were to rank for an everyday small keyword like “Portland SEO consultant” there are 140 searches a month for that keyword. If you are #1 for that keyword, they estimate that you will get 33% of that traffic to click your website (46ish a month). Out of that 46 typical conversion rate varies but a safe number would be 5%. That turns into 2 people buying Portland SEO consultant services a month. Even if it is only 1, that can equate to $1,000-5,000 a month for that specific term alone. You can play with these numbers from there, but you start to get the idea of the value and that is just one keyword.

All this being said, there are businesses who understand these numbers and are flocking to get a professional SEO to do work for them. Oregon Web Solutions is one of the leaders in this field.

We will be doing a longer article on them in our blog, but here is their contact information if you would like to get in touch with them and see how they can help your business grow:

Oregon Web Solutions | Portland SEO
1717 NE 42nd Ave #3800
Portland, OR 97213
(503) 563-3028